Amazing Strategies From the Hypnosis Course – Piggy Back Method

A hypnosis course is never complete without learning inductions that will come in handy when doing hypnosis. Among the top in the list, piggy back hypnotic induction is very useful in Conversational Hypnosis. The most important thing in this type of induction is that the hypnotist will be able to become a master of the 4 Stage Protocol. Additionally, the process involved here is for the hypnotist to make use of sensory words to control a client’s attention when making true statements that can be verified about a client’s experiences.

Now, the piggy back hypnotic induction in a hypnosis course would involve a step by step guide. The first step has to do with making true statements that can be verified. This is how a hypnotist should start a session. The sensations like hearing, seeing, and feeling should be given more emphasis than that of taste and smell. Thus, use of words like hear, see, and feel are encouraged. Sensations will be brought to the awareness of a client. As such, the hypnotist should provide a statement about the client’s true sensory experiences. No flowery words are necessary to do this, just a declaration of the client’s physical conditions.

The second step would urge the hypnotist to use conjunction words like and, but, because. This will be incorporated at the end of the hypnotist’s set of statements. The use of conjunction would suggest to the client that there is something you want him to do, for instance, relax or breathe. The client will end up relaxed at this stage. Hypnotic language is best used at this step.

The third step will be just a repetition of the first and second steps. The reason for this is to arrive at the desired state or level of relaxation. The statements of the hypnotist here should continue to be true of the client’s physical conditions. This is pointed out because in the fourth step, the statements will become less and less true of what is really experienced by the client. The hypnotist will do this to eventually reach a point where he will be making stand alone statements for the client to imagine and absorb.

Since now the client has gone through the piggy back hypnotic induction, the hypnotist can choose whether to make the induction direct or indirect. Direct induction would involve the use of words like hypnosis and trance. This somehow gives your client the idea of what you are doing. Whereas, indirect induction would use words like relax and imagine more frequently. The latter induction does not clearly allow the client to know what is being done.

Whatever the hypnotist’s decision with be, it would be based on the client’s needs and the goals that were set.